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We are pleased to announce that you can also support us financially through the Amazon Smile program, at no cost to you. Here are the details:

1. How do we do it ?

Through Amazon Smile program, a simple and automatic way for you to support every time you shop, at no cost to you.

When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your favorite charitable organization. You can choose from nearly one million organizations to support.

2. How do I register for the Smile Program ?

We refer you to to register

3. How much is my Contribution to Amazon Smile project ?

The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases

3. I have more questions related to the Program

Please refer to this Web page for more detailed information


Ramadan Mubarak!

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Dear readers,

Salaam Alaikum!

As we get closer to the holy month of Ramadan, we would like to encourage our visitors to explore our resources to prepare for this beautiful month and make the most of it! This blog post will share select resources you can glimpse through from our site:

Gaining closeness to the Quran

The Al-Quran Project is a beneficial tool to get a basic English translation and commentary on Quranic verses.

We also host volumes of one of the greatest commentaries of the time – Tafsir al-Mizan authored by Allama Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai as well as many other Quranic commentaries!

Increasing Spirituality

A contemporary scholar and expert in Irfan/spirituality, Ayatullah Hasanzadeh Amuli has said, “An Irfan-less community is tantamount to a lifeless corpse”.

This month is described as the ‘divine banquet’ – an important month to work on our spirituality. A book on spirituality related to fasting in particular is “Spiritual Journey of the Mystics (Suluk al-Arifan)“.

There are many supplications we read during this month; understanding the depth and meaning behind those supplications is a great tool to increase our spirituality. A book in this regard is one by Shaykh Muhammad Khalfan that focuses on the inner meanings behind the popular du’a of the holy Prophet (saw) that we read after every Salaat in the month of Ramadan: Manifestations of the All-Merciful.

The Month of the Ummah

Let’s strive to develop a greater understanding of the Ummah through studying the present situation as well as history. The last Friday of this month, also known as “Yawm al-Quds” is a day to work towards the cause of the oppressed and become their voice – let’s make sure to participate in it in best way possible.

May we acquire the best benefits possible from this spiritual month!

Aalim network archives and media files

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Salam alaikum,

Some of you rightly noticed that when we moved over to the new site, the Aalim network archives (a series of question and answers and many lectures under the multimedia section went missing.

We have now brought back both of them.

The Aalim Network, can be accessed via this url

Aalim Network


As for the multimedia files, they are now accessible if you have a direct link to them. for eg. . However, we are still working on adding a section in the new portal that will allow easy browsing/searching for the multimedia files.

Keep looking at this space for more updates.

Search Experience

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Salam alaikum,

We’ve recently made some efforts to improve the search experience on

This includes support for

  • Exact text matches
  • Fuzzy matches
  • Some UI improvements
  • Ability to search with Google
  • New ability to search for organizations

However, we realize that there is more work to be done to make the search better.

Any feedback/suggestions are welcome


Mobile Compatibility

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Salam alaikum,

We’ve noticed that some of our users are experiencing difficulties in viewing books/articles on their mobiles.Rest assured, we’ve taken notice and are working towards a solution at the earliest.

Meanwhile, it would be good if you can leave a comment letting us know which mobile browsers are facing this problem.


Try out the Beta Version of the new site

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During the last 2 years DILP team has been working hard on developing the new 2.0 website.

We’re excited to announce that the beta version of the new website has gone live. You can take it for a test drive by visiting

Here are some features to look out for in the new version:

A New Interface

The new interface makes it easy to find the resources you’re looking for.

New Interface

New Interface

Join & Collaborate

Register with the site and you can collaborate with the team in improving the text by correcting errors in spellings or references.

Join & Collaborate

Join & Collaborate

Search the site with Auto Suggest

While searching, the search bar will suggest important phrases.

Search & Autosuggest feature

Search & Autosuggest feature

Export to Print or PDF format

Export any book or page in Print or PDF format to read offline

Print / PDF Export

Print / PDF Export

Share your feedback on a resource

Share your comments

Share your comments

Browse resource by topic, author, translator or publisher

Browse resources by Author

Browse resources by Author

Take the beta site for a test drive at and share with us your feedback.


Featured Website:

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Remember Me, I will remember you [2:152]

Supplications in Islam while being a means of communication with our Creator are not only significant for fulfillment of needs and desires but also to enhance one’s spiritual nature towards Allah (SWT).

Inspired by Quran and hadith that lay great emphasis on integrating supplications to the Almighty in one’s life, the team has made an earnest effort to provide easiest access to the enormous treasure of supplications from our holy infallibles (as)! The supplications are presented from very reliable sources such as books from great scholars as well as Sahifas of the infallibles (as) themselves; namely – Sahifa al-Alaviya, Sahifa al-Zahra, Sahifa al-Kamila, Sahifa al-Razaviya, Sahifa al-Mahdi and duas from our tenth and eleventh Imams (as).

Every supplication on the site is made available in Arabic language along with English transliteration and translation. Along with the basic html version for each dua, there are PowerPoint slides, PDF and MP3 versions made available for every supplication – thus making it very convenient for e-readers and Amazon Kindle users to recite supplications at their own ease.

Not only does the site provide access to supplications but also informs about recommended deeds (amaal) during important days of the Islamic year. Supplications for everyday life, after every prayer and specific purposes such as, marriage, studying, cure for health problems etc. are also available on the site.

Informative articles and books on various important subjects are also present for readers to improve their knowledge and understanding about a particular event or topic. For instance, if the supplications for seeking Istikhara are mentioned the reader is simultaneously suggested to read a book on the detailed concept of Istikhara and its relevance to one’s situation. Similarly there are several books related to the topics of marriage, death and various other issues.

The apps for Android, iPhone/iPad and other smartphone users are free to download.

iphone app                              android app

One can merely thank the dedicated team at for providing such wonderful and easy access to the precious gems from the holy infallibles (as)! As you enjoy reciting supplications from their site, please remember the team in your prayers so that Allah gives them best in this life and the next.


Featured Organization: Al-Itrah Foundation

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The Ahlul Bayt DILP presents Islamic resources on in more than 25 languages. One of these languages is Kiswahili, which serves as a second language in several parts of East African countries. hosts more than 250 resources in Kiswahili, and this was largely made possible by the efforts of Al-Itrah foundation

Al-Itrah Foundation is an Islamic organization that was established in October of 2002. Although the organization is based in Dares-Salaam – Tanzania, its activities are definitely a great inspiration to Muslims worldwide. Below is a brief interview with the founder of Al-Itrah Foundation, Br. Mahboob Somji, who has enlightened us about Al-Itrah and its activities.

1) What primary goals does Al-Itrah seek to achieve?

Our primary goals are:

  • To promote divine values.
  • To spread awareness about the Holy Prophet (saw) and his progeny to Muslims as well as non Muslims.
  • To bridge the gap between Muslims and non Muslims.

2) Please enlighten us about Al-Itrah’s main activities that are currently running.

The main activities of Al-Itrah Foundation are:

  • Translating Arabic & English resources into Kiswahili language; we have so far translated more than 200 books into Kiswahili and recently translated the first Shia Tafsir of the holy Quran into Kiswahili.
  • Educating and promoting Islamic awareness through the media and specifically through Al-Itrah’s own TV channel: IBN Television
  • Spreading awareness through Maarifa Radio channel.
  • Running a full time library in the local area in the city which is known as Maktaba Mustaqeem.

3) Please tell us something about IBN television. What programs are broadcasted through it?

IBN television is the first Islamic channel in Tanzania that broadcasts in three different languages, mainly Kiswahili and English. Various kinds of programs are broadcasted through it, such as, talk shows, Islamic lectures from renowned scholars, highlights on the current political situation of the Ummah, interfaith programs and various other programs related to social life, health and general lifestyle.

4) Although Al-Itrah is based in Tanzania, does it also send out books throughout the world or does it only seek to serve specific areas/regions?

Yes we do ship out books that are ordered through our website ( around the world, however it also depends on the number of orders.

In addition, we distribute free books in Kiswahili to more than 50 centers in East Africa. Only sample copies are sent to Qum for the authors to have copies for their archives. We do send copies of all our publications to National Libraries in Tanzania and Universities

5) What are some of Al-Itrah’s future plans?

Future plans are to expand the media resources (ie IBNTV and Maarifa Radio) to reach the entire country of Tanzania so that everyone has access to IBNTV. We also intend to start Kiswahili Newspaper known as Kipambanuzi which will be published on a regular basis once we have successfully stabilized the ongoing projects such as IBN television and Maarifa radio.

6) What obstacles or major challenging aspects (if any) does this work entail? Please feel free to share your experiences.

Major challenge for us is to find human resources in the field, but Alhamdulillah, whatever progress you see is due to Allah’s mercy, and we hope this to continue inshaAllah. Another setback is that we have not publicized this institution to outside world and due to this reason we lack financial support from the donors. InshaAllah as we grow further, and along with the help of our dedicated board members, we will start making improvements in these areas.

9) A message that you would like to share with the Ahlulbayt DILP team?

DILP team is doing wonderful job mashaAllah! I don’t have any words for their commitments and dedication, they are doing a superb job. My only wish is that if we can develop same with all the Swahili resources so that in the long run when internet is easily accessible to every individual in this part of the East African population, these will be very helpful and it will promote the True Faith in this area easily. Let’s hope this can be achieved.

10) A message that you would like to give to our readers at

Our message is that all our resources globally should be working in developing the True Islamic System based on Wilayah in all the areas, be it political, social, economical, educational, cultural, spiritual etc. Allah (swt) has given us time, resources and opportunity and I feel we should take full advantage of such opportunities and continue developing ourselves and our communities in all areas.

My other humble advice is that all those working for take some time out to read the articles and resources available on the Mashrabe Naab website. I hope that we will continue education ourselves to learn about the true teachings of Islam as taught by the Holy Prophet (s) and his progeny (as).

Featured Website:

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The Blog will be featuring Islamic websites that are carrying useful content for its visitors. Islamic Insights is the first website being featured in this series of blog posts. Please contact us to suggest websites to be featured.


Islamic Insights was founded by a group of young active Muslims in February of 2007 out of concern that there was a need for a holistic news and lifestyle publication inspired by the ideals of the Quran and Ahlul-Bayt. Four years later, Islamic Insights now receives 800 unique visits per day and has a team of writers located all over the world representing the Muslim community. The Islamic Insights team features professional writers and journalists, university students, professionals from diverse fields, and esteemed scholars who hold many years of seminary education.

Originally, Islamic Insights was published in print locally in the city of Dearborn Michigan, home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the West. Eventually, thousands of copies would be delivered across North America. In September 2007, the management of Islamic Insights decided to switch to publishing online only due in order to achieve cost minimization. Today, thousands of readers connect with Islamic Insights through and the Islamic Insights group and fanpage on Facebook which are 5000 members strong and growing everyday.


The goals and aims of Islamic Insights are unique and have been received warmly by Muslims and non-Muslims alike:

  • To create a publication that portrays true Islamic values and principles in the face of wide spread misconceptions and misunderstandings in the media, political, and local spheres.
  • To allow Muslims in the West and Muslim countries a forum to find correct, referenced, comprehensive, and modern answers to concerns, issues, and questions they may have.
  • Provide for scholars, religious authorities, and clerics an avenue to publish their work, rulings, and articles so that the Muslim community is exposed to the works of a variety of highly qualified scholars.
  • To represent the ideals, biographies, morals, and esteemed virtues of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his household), Lady Fatima, Imam Ali and the Eleven Imams peace be upon them all.
  • To cater to the needs of Muslims with varying age ranges through diverse categories such as ReligionClergy CornerCommunity Affairs, Student Life, SportsBook and Movie Reviews in addition to others.
  • To prepare Muslims for the return of the Awaited Imam (May Allah swt Hasten his advent) by preparing and publishing thorough articles on the Imam, the conditions of his return, and how to improve ourselves.
  • Address the social, political, community, religious, local and national issues facing Muslims.
  • Publish articles and pieces on neglected media stories and international affairs that take place in the Middle East, United States, Africa, and around the world.
  • Allow opportunities for Muslims to become thoroughly informed regarding political, humanitarian, Islamic, social, academic, and community issues at home and at an international level.

Future Plans

The Islamic Insights team works together to achieve these goals with every weekly issue published. As with any organization, the future has many plans, God permitting, that seek to present even more opportunities for growth for Islamic Insights.  Future plans include:

  • An Islamic Insights blog to keep readers informed between weekly issues with updates and important information.
  • Resuming local printing once a month with a compilation of the most relevant and popular articles.
  • Securing more syndication deals in addition to those already held by Islamic Insights in order to further our goals and aims.

Popular Content from Islamic Insights website:

For the past four years, the Islamic Insights team has written a significant number of substantial articles on topics that were pertinent and generally neglected. Below is a collection of only a several of the most popular articles on Islamic Insights

The Imam of Our Time: A Few Common Questions

Desecrating the Signs of God: the Baqi Tragedy

Males and Females – “Just Friends”?

The Ka’ba: What Is It Really?

Understanding Hijab

Followers of the Eloquent Lady

The Truthful One

Are We Self-Sufficient Yet?

The Hijab of Men

Style Watch: In Happiness, In Sadness

Dignity and Meanness

Depression: the Islamic Solution

Why Were All the Prophets Sent to the Middle East?

The Movies We Watch

Hookah: Myth and Reality

Top Media Lies about Iran

Marriage Resumes


Colour Mockups: Text Resources

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Eid Ghadeer Mubarak to everyone. We are redesigning The following colour mockups show the new design for the Text resources on . Take a look at the following link, for a complete overview of the new

Text Title

Text Chapter

Please give us your feedback using the comments section below.

If you’re a Web Designer or Developer and are interested to be a volunteer for DILP to work on Al-Islam 2.0, get in touch with us here and let us know more about yourself & your skills. One of our team members will get in touch with you.