Al-Islam 2.0 – A Preview of Next Generation Al-Islam.org

Posted August 15th, 2010 in Al-Islam 2.0 by Mohammed Ali V
Click to see Preview of MockupsThe Ahlul Bayt DILP team is working on the development of Next Generation Al-Islam.org (code named Al-Islam 2.0). During development the site will under go a complete redesign & code change. The highlights of Al-Islam 2.0 are:
  • Collaborative: Allow users to collaborate by adding resources to the library, make corrections (like typos), Translate/Transcode texts, contribute to projects like Scholars Portal and Travel & Events.
  • Multilingual: The portal and its resources will be available in Multiple languages.
  • Semantic: Information will be presented as Linked data so that it can be understood by machines allowing applications within Al-Islam framework & 3rd party websites to Pull data. This will make way for better search results, unified login across Al-Islam projects and unlimited possibilities to create mashups to make data more useful.
  • Accessible: Content will be accessible in various formats (HTML, Word, PDF, Audio etc), on various devices (PC, Mobile, iPad etc).

Preview using Mockups

Digital Mockups of Al-Islam 2.0 have been designed to illustrate the functionality of the features being planned, and how the various Projects will function together as a single Web Application. The mockups do not indicate the design and color scheme, dummy text has been used in several places.

Homepage Preview

Your Feedback

We would like to receive your feedback on these mockups to understand how we can make the new Website more useful for the users. Click here to open the Al-Islam 2.0 Mockups Preview Page, then click on the branches in BLUE colour to launch the mockup for the respective Projects.  Once launched you can submit your feedback for individual mockups by clicking on the Give us your Feedback tab.  You can also share your feedback in the comments section of this Blog Post.  In subsequent Blog posts we will be describing the mockups in more detail for each Project.

5 Responses so far.

  1. Zeeshan Kazmi says:


    Quick breakdown of the comments.

    Really like the new layout, don’t really like the greyscale colours. i think there need to be other colours.

    Search Engine used to find articles really needs to be revamped from the first version, also the article linking and tagging needs to be improved.

    I like the Q/A section, as that would allow people to channel questions forth.

    May Allah reward you in your work.
    Kind Regards,
    Zeeshan Kazmi

  2. Mohammed Ali V says:

    Salaams Br Zeeshan,

    Thanks for the feedback. Inshallah we’ll be working on the user interface & colors. These mockups are only indicative of what features will be included in the new Al-Islam.

    We’ll keep in mind the other points you mentioned.

  3. salam..

    im very interesting..

    may allah bless u ….pray 4 me also …

  4. Aly Lakhani says:

    I like the new additions, but it’s very hard on the eyes, not just the colors but it’s all very very condensed. For websites I like simplicity, they bring more complexity. Remember be like the Google homepage, simple but useful. If you could make the theme better that would be better for the site. I agree with Steve Jobs’ way of thinking that the website’s design will bring business. So to disseminate the truth of Ahlul Bayt we should have a nice website. Just my two cents. Thank you for all you do :)

  5. Aly Lakhani says:

    Also I think since the website is being updated, it would be extremely helpful for those brothers in Ahlus Sunnah who are considering the way of Ahlul Bayt, if we had not only our books of hadith, but theirs so they could see the hadith with their own eyes (As well as for us for reference). Another helpful tool would be “Biography of Rijaal” which we desperately need an online english version of, because this gives a short bio of all or most of the narrators in Sunni hadith. It would be greatly appreciated.

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