A Poem By Ruqaya Aghaie


Before I ask this question

I shall give you this advise

Nobody like Fatima could be

She is to prophet as a prize

Fatima was the mother of her father

When her beloved mother dies

She was the purified women

Al-Tahira if you recognize

The worshipper, the scholar and the greatest

For her religion, she sacrifices

“Fatima is a part of me”

These words you may memorize

Whoever angers Fatima angers me

Like this the prophet describes


Once the prophet Muhammad

Brought Fatima a surprise

Her new wedding dress but she

Decided to donate it or otherwise

She would not be the most virtue

On the earth and in the skies

And when she was asked for this action

With her high moral, she replies

I remembered the verse in the Quran

And I put I in my eyes

“Spend from what you love

And you`re rewarded much wise… “

She chose to help the poor one

And by this she brought paradise


If you were looking for guidance

go to her and your knowledge will rise

For she is the leader of all women,

Not Aisha those are lies

And here comes her tragedy

When Omar begins his crimes

He left Fatima with a broken rib

As he was the caliphate of his time

With his power… and boldly

He commandeers Fadak lands

For all of these terrible misfortunes

Omar had steps and plans

And as time, would past and go

His crimes would get more and expands


But… apart from all her difficulties

She stood up for her rights

She cried and cried and cried until,

People were annoyed of her cries

By her hijab and modesty

Their eyes went bigger size

And by this, she bought the satisfaction

Of Allah and also heaven she buys

This is how she became lady Fatima

Her light glows like the sunrise

Fatima the rayhana of heaven

And in this life the light that shines

She maintained her dignity and modesty

While fighting for her rights

She is the infallible role model

One could take, but who understands?

Oh, Allah on the day of resurrection

Choose me to shake Fatima’s hands…