The Blog will be featuring Islamic websites that are carrying useful content for its visitors. Islamic Insights is the first website being featured in this series of blog posts. Please contact us to suggest websites to be featured.


Islamic Insights was founded by a group of young active Muslims in February of 2007 out of concern that there was a need for a holistic news and lifestyle publication inspired by the ideals of the Quran and Ahlul-Bayt. Four years later, Islamic Insights now receives 800 unique visits per day and has a team of writers located all over the world representing the Muslim community. The Islamic Insights team features professional writers and journalists, university students, professionals from diverse fields, and esteemed scholars who hold many years of seminary education.

Originally, Islamic Insights was published in print locally in the city of Dearborn Michigan, home to one of the largest Muslim populations in the West. Eventually, thousands of copies would be delivered across North America. In September 2007, the management of Islamic Insights decided to switch to publishing online only due in order to achieve cost minimization. Today, thousands of readers connect with Islamic Insights through and the Islamic Insights group and fanpage on Facebook which are 5000 members strong and growing everyday.


The goals and aims of Islamic Insights are unique and have been received warmly by Muslims and non-Muslims alike:

  • To create a publication that portrays true Islamic values and principles in the face of wide spread misconceptions and misunderstandings in the media, political, and local spheres.
  • To allow Muslims in the West and Muslim countries a forum to find correct, referenced, comprehensive, and modern answers to concerns, issues, and questions they may have.
  • Provide for scholars, religious authorities, and clerics an avenue to publish their work, rulings, and articles so that the Muslim community is exposed to the works of a variety of highly qualified scholars.
  • To represent the ideals, biographies, morals, and esteemed virtues of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him and his household), Lady Fatima, Imam Ali and the Eleven Imams peace be upon them all.
  • To cater to the needs of Muslims with varying age ranges through diverse categories such as ReligionClergy CornerCommunity Affairs, Student Life, SportsBook and Movie Reviews in addition to others.
  • To prepare Muslims for the return of the Awaited Imam (May Allah swt Hasten his advent) by preparing and publishing thorough articles on the Imam, the conditions of his return, and how to improve ourselves.
  • Address the social, political, community, religious, local and national issues facing Muslims.
  • Publish articles and pieces on neglected media stories and international affairs that take place in the Middle East, United States, Africa, and around the world.
  • Allow opportunities for Muslims to become thoroughly informed regarding political, humanitarian, Islamic, social, academic, and community issues at home and at an international level.

Future Plans

The Islamic Insights team works together to achieve these goals with every weekly issue published. As with any organization, the future has many plans, God permitting, that seek to present even more opportunities for growth for Islamic Insights.  Future plans include:

  • An Islamic Insights blog to keep readers informed between weekly issues with updates and important information.
  • Resuming local printing once a month with a compilation of the most relevant and popular articles.
  • Securing more syndication deals in addition to those already held by Islamic Insights in order to further our goals and aims.

Popular Content from Islamic Insights website:

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