The Arabic term Eid traces its etymology to the word ‘awd’ which actually means ‘to return’. Therefore  the day of Eid  is actually the day of ‘return’ towards the Beneficent Lord.

The man is created with a pure fitra which guides him always towards His Creator Sustainer Lord. But man covers his fitra on which he is created, with the dust of sins and heedlessness and thus becomes estranged with His most Loving Lord.

The month long worship and purification in the blessed month of Ramadan removes and clears the hardened layers of sins and reconnects the man with His Creator Lord. So on the day of Eid, that is the day of return, man returns towards His Lord with purified soul.

It’s a day of celebration because we receive the rewards after a month long worship and rigorous spiritual training, and it’s also the day of thankfulness to the Lord because He opened the doors of mercy and forgiveness through the blessed month of Ramadan.

The day of Eid is not a day when we return to our old life of thanklessness and heedlessness, but rather it’s a day when we go ahead in life with renewed spiritual energy and determination.

We should remember Allah this day more frequently and recite the supplication of Imam Sajjad(AS) in Sahifa Sajjadia on the day of Eid, and this dua from Mikyalul Makarim Fee Fawaaid ad-Duaa Lil Qai’m. We offer special prayers on the occasions of Eid to express our gratitude to Allah subhanhu wa taa’la, in this wake The book by Yasin al-Jibouri in this sake the is a useful one which discusses the details related to the special Eid prayers.

The day of Eid also mandates for us to pay zakat al Fitra. The FAQs on Zakat al-Fitra  answers different questions related to this issue. Reading the resource can be beneficial for those who have questions in their minds about the zakat al-fitra.

The book Fast by Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi explains different aspects of the Eid al Fitr. It can be an interesting reading for the uninitiated, and the thoughts on Eid delves a little deeper briefly into the question of why do we celebrate Eid.

I end my brief post with the humble request that when you stand to pray on the day of Eid , remember all believers including Ahlul Bayt DILP team in your prayers!