The blessed day of birth of Ameerul Momeneen Ali ibn Abi Talib(AS) has dawned again in our life. This is the day when the world received the successor of holy Prophet(S) which ensured that the religion will be saved and Ummah guided after the holy Prophet(S) is no more present among the Muslims.

Imam Ali(AS) is combined with truth in such a way that both cannot be separated from each other. The path of Ali(AS) is the path of truth and every action of Imam Ali(AS) manifests an aspect of truth. To follow the truth and to stay steadfast on the path of truth is obligatory for all Muslims. But to be able to follow the truth, one must be fully aware of the truth. And this is the stage where many go astray as the realization and understanding of truth is not an easy task. But it becomes easy when we know someone whose life is an embodiment of truth and there is not a slight deviation from this in his life.

If we look at the life, actions, speeches, sermons, and sayings of such a person we can definitely know the truth. Others pass their generations in search of such an ideal role model, such a perfect human, a specimen of the best a man can achieve, a guide who never fails to guide, an embodiment of truth and justice that truth is recognized by his actions and justice is so much engraved in his subconscious that he is not ready to deprive an insect of a part of straw in lieu of the all treasures of all worlds.

Others may wonder forever to find him. But we know his name. We know who is he. He is Ali ibn Abi Talib(AS) the successor of last Prophet(S) of God. But do we know more about him except his name? Do we spend a little of our time to come closer to him? Do we give him that much importance in our life that we could spend few minutes of our day in knowing who Ali(AS) is? Ali(AS) who is the embodiment of truth and justice in the most perfect sense, those who claim to accept him as Ameerul Momeneen do not expend a little of their time to know his thoughts and emotions. What made Ali(AS) cry? What made him happy? What made him angry? How he looks at us as his shia? Do we try to delve into the deeper side his heart?

We must utilize this blessed occasion to know Imam Ali(AS) through his own words. We must know Ali(AS) through the statements he made, and mesmerizing sermons he delivered, we must know Ali(AS) through Nahjul Balagha. Let’s take a pledge to increase our understanding of the Ameerul Momeneen (AS). We can do with the help of following text resources.

Nahjul Balagha Part 1, The Sermons is the great source for the collection of Imam Ali(AS)’s sermons. You want to know what he wants us to listen? Read his sermons.

Nahjul Balagha Part 2, Letters and Sayings read his letters and sayings to know how he used to administer justice and perform governance matters and guide his followers.

Selection from Glimpses of the Nahj al-Balaghah Read this great writing of Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari to know how great scholars understand the greatness of Nahjul Balagha.

Lessons from the Nahjul Balaghah read this book by Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Khamenei which is “a precious book presented to the world of Islam as a brief introduction to the vast phenomenon of Prophethood as it appears in the Nahjul Balaghah of the Commander of the Faithful, ‘Ali, peace be upon him. ‘ ”

All of us desire success. The hope of success is driving force behind our actions. Read What is True Success? Excerpts from Peak of Eloquence (Nahjul Balagha) to understand success from Imam Ali (AS)’s viewpoint.

When the world has reached the conclusion that without justice there can be no durable governance, without justice there can be no peace, without justice there can be no prosperity, read Imam Ali(AS)’s sermons, statements, and letters on justice. Read how justice was identity of his rule as a caliph whose rule was stretched over a vast area from parts of India in East to the North Africa touching boundaries of Europe in West, The Emphasis on Justice in Nahjul Balaghah

We can read the following writings on specific topics from or about Nahjul Balagha:

A Perspective of Imamat in Nahjul Balaghah

Preface of Nahjul Balaghah by Allamah Ali Naqi Naqvi

The Commentaries on Nahjul Balaghah by Dr. Sayyid Wahid Akhtar

Commentary on Sermon 80 of Nahjul Balaghah by Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi

The Concept of Freedom in the Nahjul Balaghah by Dr. Sayyid Wahid Akhtar

Causes of Enmity with Imam Ali (as) in the Light of Nahjul Balaghah by Dr. Sayyid Wahid Akhtar

Misconceptions about Nahjul Balaghah by Dr. Sayyid Wahid Akhtar

Sources of Nahjul Balaghah by Dr. Sayyid Wahid Akhtar

The Authenticity of Nahjul Balaghah by Sayyid Fadhil Milani

and finally for kids Nahj al-Balaghah for Children