By Ruqaya Aghaie


Seek Patience

Patience, seek patience o’ death

Lengthen the time of her final breath

Approach not o moment of last sight

Hussain of Fatima will remain with no light

Shattered the clouds when carried his silenced scream

‘Oh, beloved mother’ it muttered in fright

Cried the sky as he continued… oh the rose of my life

Oh, the glowing moon at the darkest night

How can I forget the sign of the slap on my mother’s face?

How can I omit black hands that were in her chase?

What will you forget? And what will I remember?

When of torture leans on the wall my mother

Blood flowed down her chest as I witnessed in mourn

I portrait a kick, yearning… I endeavour

Beat not my rose o’ brutal evil

Her wounds and mine has become equal

Beat me, don’t beat my mother

A door and a flame aren’t to remember

Nor the laughter of the enemies

When Zainab searching for remedies

How do I neglect when on floor she fell in pain?

Wake up mother, he’s come to see you, your beloved Hussain…

I swear by the precious tears of Zainab

Harrowing is the nail on her broken rib

Her low whisper in a heart-breaking voice

Brought me in tears with no choice

Oh mother,

Oh, the rose of my life

Oh, the scent of perfection that towards I strive

Between your mutter I hear “Karbala… Ali Asghar”

And within my mutter you hear “where is Mohsen of Haidar?”

Oh, beloved mother

A desperate mourn is read through Hussain’s sight

I strike and wonder,

How would Ali bury his rose tonight?


Words of Love

Just a every step towards him

Revives my soul, exhilarates my breath

To the beloved is the eternal aim

One sole wish; beside him death

I am predestined

Even if I relapse

my instinct brings me back to you

a homeland you

and a foreigner I am

looking toward your mercifulness

begging for your acceptance


My guilty soul

Stand ahead your compassionate one

Whispering my lips in words of a slave at his master’s door,

“accept me, oh the wide blessing

Oh, the bright sun”


Ali Asghar


I stand and detect a radiant light

Shine at the entire universe

Delivering a delightful announcement;

To the master of the youth of paradise an angel is born.

Fulfilled is the desire of lady Rabab

Whilst Hussain is confused between laughter and mourn,

An arrow at Abdullah’s neck he imagines

Yet the bloody desert has come to warn

Prepare your youngest soldier oh Hussain for Karbala

He shall taste thirst, and the painful arrow of Harmala

–February 2019